Woodworking by hand, by mind, by heart.

The first time I ever tried dabbling in woodworking was in 2015, and I quickly realized it was a very, very slippery slope.

I began to notice the details (small or large) that sets a quality piece apart from something just glued and screwed together. I started reading voraciously about the craft of working wood, and seeking out inspiration. I went became a bit of a tool collector and amassed a huge amount of tools, learnt what makes them tick (or not) and then tried to downsize to a core set of tools. I tried, and still try, to design pieces that look beautiful yet functional, timeless both in design and durability. I love building something and knowing that it will outlast my lifetime, and probably that of my children too. I find myself increasingly drawn to the skills involved in, and the  connection one feels when using well-tuned hand tools. Everything I build involves traditional joinery methods, whenever possible. I try to minimise the use of metal fasteners, and although I do occasionally use power tools (as someone with a very different day job, time is at a premium), most of my work is done using hand tools.

The aim of my website is to record my own progress through my woodworking journey, as I acquire and hone my skills. As such this site will be a little different from most other woodworking blogs – I will be as open about my failures as I will be about my successes. Some skills I’ve got down pat already, while some need more work. I hope, in a few years time, I can look back through this site and track my progress from budding amateur to skilled amateur, and in the process, help novice woodworkers with an approachable reference, unlike the illusions of perfection we are surrounded by.

The builds page contains step-by-step accounts of some of my projects, with a focus towards showcasing projects that would be of most interest to an amateur woodworker. The tools page contains self-made tools, reviews and thoughts on new tools, restoration and maintenance of old tools, and tool storage. This and That contains various topics such as techniques, tool modifications and random ramblings (only occasionally, I promise).

If you would like to order a custom piece (whether furniture or tool), or request a certain build or a review of a tool, feel free to let me know using the form below. Anything I build is made to last several lifetimes, and nothing that is not good enough to be (prominently) displayed at my own house ever leaves my shop.