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Gaming Table

Gaming Table

I was asked to build a gaming table top of sorts that could sit on top of a large ottoman. Nothing too fancy, but functional, rustic looking and good for card games and for the occasional food and drink. Oh, and I was given a couple days to make it.

Gaming Table, router dado, beads

Glue up complete and rabbets cut. Time to cut the beads.

I decide to build it out of furniture grade pine to achieve the rustic look and still keep it light enough to be carried easily (it would need to be around 40″ square so it was fairly large). After the glue up I set to work on the sides. I wanted to give it a 0.5″ lip on the top to keep cards or spilled drinks contained, and a longer 3″ lip in the bottom to hold on to the ottoman and not tip over. With the dado cut, I used an ogee bit to give the top of the sides a┬ábead pattern and the bottom of the sides a roundover.

Cupped board, planing

Some quick flattening. You can really see the cup in the glued up board here.

The top (the actual table portion) had a bit of a cup to it, but I wasn’t too concerned, as the assembly would pull it flat. The only thing to keep in mind is to make the dadoes a little deeper than they need to be, to account for wood movement. The sides are glued together with the top ‘floating’ in the middle.

Staining table top, gaming table

After staining. I was instructed to make it rustic looking, and this stain fit the bill.

I also made sure to stain the pieces before assembly…it just makes it easier to get into the corners that way. I used three coats of semi gloss poly to finish it, sanding to 400 in between coats to make sure the cards slide freely, and voila – it was done in two days!

Finishing gaming table

Completed gaming table top!

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