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Renewed commitment

I recently realised I haven’t posted for while now. There’s been a lot going on in the last five months, and I haven’t had as much time woodworking in the shop as I would like, and as a result I haven’t been posting very much.

Summer is in full swing in Edmonton  now after an almost non-existent Spring, bringing with it beautiful weather and a backyard in full bloom.

Spring Snow Crabapple flowers

Here’s a spring snow crabapple tree in our backyard, with it’s beautiful but short lived flowers.

And here’s another change – a renewed commitment to posting regularly on my website. I have some exciting upcoming projects that include a mid-century modern coffee table in Walnut that went through a number of design iterations before I settled on a final state, a forever Roubo workbench in Hard Maple, and a folding step stool in Padauk and  (possibly) White Oak. So here’s to renewed commitments, and may your summer days be long and warm!



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